Register today for our school’s yearly seminars to mark the December Solstice and New Year!

As is our tradition, one seminar will be a beginner’s level foundational teaching, and the other will cover topical material related to the events of the current year.

Day One 

Recorded Tuesday December 20th, 2022  

4:00PM PST/7:00PM EST   

TOPIC: Understanding Birth Charts Intro: The Unique TOTAMS Technique

Featuring TOTAMS teacher Levi Banner, this seminar reveals the primary methodology the school uses for interpreting a birth chart. 

We will also announce the imminent arrival of the redone and updated 

Course 1: “Understanding Birth Charts” (previously entitled "Script and Archetypes").

This presentation offers insights into all of the major features 

of the TOTAMS approach including:

1) the understanding of the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign

2) the 144 storylines of past and future intent

3) the importance of Venus and Mars

4) the use of the whole sign house system

5) INTENT vs determinism and prediction

6) the role of initiation beyond "good and bad"

7) a revisioned understanding of modalities and elements

8) The evolution of the Mystery Schools of Life at a Great Turning of the Ages


Day Two 

Recorded Wednesday December 21, 2022 

4:00PM PST/7:00PM EST

TOPIC: Year End Fundraiser and a Look Ahead at 2023

1)  A raffle of gifts for members 

2) meeting the Council and sharing ideas and insights

3) Following a break Daniel and Mary Kern, long time former president and chairman of the Board will offer an astrological preview of the most important cycles of 2023, ably assisted by Awen Labow.  Many useful handouts for planning your year ahead will be included!

TOTAMS Annual Fundraiser

Thank you for your donations! The raffle drawing will take place during Day Two of our seminar. Your donations exclusively go towards helping to support the Turning of the Ages Mystery School (TM). Day One is free and can be accessed using the link above or will be included with any donation.

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