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Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Lesson 1 : All About the planet, Saturn

    3. Lesson 2 : The Saturn Complex & Seeing Through It!

    4. Lesson 3 : Saturn & the Phases of Life

    5. Lesson 4 : Early Saturn Life Phases before Age 27

    6. Lesson 5 :THE (1st) SATURN RETURN experience during Age 27-30

    7. Lesson 6 : Saturn Cycle at age 37 - 38

    8. Lesson 7 : Saturn Transit at Age 44 - 46

    9. Lesson 8 : Saturn & Relationship Complexes

    10. Lesson 9 : Saturn in Relational Synastry & Chart Comparisons

    11. Lesson 10 : Saturn - The Liberator! Putting it all together

About this course

  • $108.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content

Course Overview

Everyone inevitably faces the following questions in a different stage of life:

> When is it clear what you are not meant to be doing anymore?
> When is a relationship finished?
> When to end a job you don’t like?
> When to change your living environment?
> When is it time to clear space for the new?
> When is it time to face reality?
> When is it time to take needed action, change the game, or play a bigger game in life?
> How to make supportive decisions and pivotal changes that ultimately align with your life path?

Are you currently 29? 37? 44? (or an increment of 7 years thereof). These questions are likely at the forefront of life.

You're in a Saturn transit, an astrological rite of passage into growth and maturity.
This course will navigate you through the Saturn maturation process. Self-inquire about your Relationship to authority, Life structure, Archetypal psychology, and more. Together with one of the most renowned astrologer’s alive (and system creator of The Giamario Approach, on which your favourite astrology app “The Pattern” was based!)

We will take a deep dive into the true planetary essence of Saturn, archetype & history, light & shadow expression, individual intention & collective development to consciously work with Saturn, the Liberator.